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Category: Houses & Farms

Old Barn on North Avenue
Old farm barn located at 297 North Avenue, 1970.
The Tucker – Wambach Farm on Manitou Road
The Tucker-Wambach Farm located at 2270 Manitou Road, 1912.
Cobblestone House on Long Pond Road
Front of cobblestone house on Long Pond Road, 1974.
Aerial View of the Thomas Farm
Aerial view of the Thomas Farm on the west side of Stone Road, 1950's.
Cobblestone House on North Greece Road
Cobblestone house on North Greece Road, date unknown.
The Yates-Thayer Farm
Moving hay at the Yates-Thayer Farm, date unknown.
The Fleming House on Latta Road
The Fleming House on Latta Road, 1980's.
House on the Corner of Mitchell and Ridge Roads
House on the Corner of Mitchell and Ridge Roads, 1968. The old Greece Town Hall is seen in the background.
Relocation of the Gordon Howe House
The relocation of the Gordon Howe house to its current location on Long Pond Road. It is now occupied by the Greece Historical Society, 1988.
Preston Farm on Long Pond Road
Preston Farm on Long Pond Road, 1940's.
Sheep on the Veness Farm
Sheep grazing on the Veness Farm, located near Dorsey Road and Mt. Read Blvd, date unknown.
The Gordon Howe House
The Gordon Howe house before it was relocated and used by the Greece Historical Society, 1986.
Westfall-Cooper-Mercier House on Ridge Road
The Westfall-Cooper-Mercier house located at 4350 West Ridge Road. It is one of the few remaining cobblestone houses in Greece and was built some time in the 1830's-1850's.
George Payne House on Elmgrove Road
The house of George Payne on Elmgrove Road; a prominent farmer and fruit grower in Greece, 1918. He retired from the produce business in 1928, after 50 years of service. He died at 87 years old on September 4, 1933.
The Greece Historical Society & Museum
Exterior of the Greece Historical Society and Museum. The museum structure is a farm house relocated from Long Pond and Latta Roads. The house was extensively remodeled by volunteers of the Greece Historical Society. The relocation of the house for this purpose was funded by Wegmans Food Markets in 1988.