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The Newcomb House
The Newcomb house built off Kirk Road in Greece. Housed the Newcomb, Kirk and Burns families. It was constructed in 1835 and is one of 101 historic sites listed on a survey done by the Landmark Society of Western New York. 1970.
Truck Crashes into Grange Hall
A truck struck Grange Hall on Ridge Road & Long Pond Road, 1961.
Picking Peaches on Baker Farm
Woman picking peaches on Baker Farm in Greece, 1918.
Peaches from Baker Farm Prepared for Transport
Peaches from Baker Farm in Greece headed to Geneseo jam processing plant, 1918.
Orchard on Payne Farm
An orchard on Payne Farm, located on Elmgrove Road, 1910.
Aster Flag on Vick’s Farm
Postcard of aster flag on Vick's Farm, 1920's.
Grange Hall on Ridge Road
Dismantling Grange Hall on Ridge Road, 1961.
House on Latta Road
Former physician's house on Latta Road, 1990's.
Famous Vase Shaped Elm Tree
The "world famous" vase shaped elm tree located on a farm on Latta Road, early 1900's.
Former Willis N. Britton House
Former resident of William N. Britton, 1631 Ridge Road, 1959.
Field Stone House on Long Pond Road
Field stone house located at 1563 Long Pond Road, 1974.
Seth Payne House
Seth & Rachel Payne in front of their house, 1878.
Baker House with Dining Room Electricity
The Baker household in Greece with electricity installed in the dining room, 1913.
Salter’s Cottage at Crescent Beach
The cottage of Thomas Salter located at Crescent Beach, 1800's.
Cobblestone House on North Greece Road
Cobblestone house on North Greece, Road.