Man Made Ponds for Ice Harvesting at Yates-Thayer Farm

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Two massive man made ponds at Yates-Thayer Farm, 1900's. The house on the farm was built in 1902 by the President of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pittsburgh Railroad Company, Arthur Yates. Located on Latta Road, Mr. Yates built the ponds for an ice harvesting company run by his son, Fredrick. The ice harvesting season only lasted a few months and the extracted cubes could weight several hundred pounds. With the arrival of in house ice units in the 1920's, the ice harvesting industry was no longer profitable. The property sold to the Thayer family in 1914 and kept for nearly eighty years. Housing developments now occupy the land where the ponds once existed.
Location:Greece, New York
Source:Office of the Town Historian, Alan Mueller
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