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Erie Canal Widening Construction in South Greece
The Erie Canal undergoing widening construction in South Greece in 1909. The Buell and Ellison houses can be seen in the distance. The work was performed by the Empire Engineering Corporation, which was contracted to expand eight miles of the canal that passed through Greece. The steam shovel was the workhouse for this project and was also used in the building of the Panama Canal.
Latta Road in the Early 20th Century
Latta Road in the early 20th century. At this time, it consisted mostly of large family farms. The Whelehan, Fleming and Kirk were just a few of the families holding at least a hundred acres along the road. By this time, the Latta family held 46 acres at the east end of the road.
Falco’s Grocery & Delicatessen on Ridge Road
Falco's Grocery & Delicatessen was located at 4542 Ridge Road, where the current Bob Johnson's Used Car dealership currently stands. It was also known as "Falco's Mini Mart" and was owned by the Falco family. At various times, it included a motorcycle shop, barber shop and other commercial enterprises. In 1986, a Spencerport couple purchased a winning lottery ticket at the store that paid a prize of $2 million.
The Todd – Casey – Craig House Ridge Road
The Todd - Casey - Craig house located at 3349 Ridge Road West, 1980. The house was built in 1852. Additions were added in the 1960's. The structure is listed in the "101 Historical Sites Survey" conducted in the 1990's. It is an old farmhouse that belonged to the prominent Todd, Casey or Craig families at various times. David Todd was the original proprietor and an early settler in Greece; arriving with his family as a child in 1826. James D. Casey owned the house in the early 1900's. By 1924, it was owned by William H. Craig.
Corner of Mitchell and Ridge Roads
The SE corner of Mitchell and Ridge Roads, 1978. The Star Market storefront can be seen in the distance.
W. T. Grant Co. and other Ridgemont Plaza Storefronts
W.T. Grant Co. and other storefronts in Ridgemont Plaza, 1966. Ridgemont Plaza was constructed in the late 1950's at a cost of $2 million. In 1960, the plaza was anchored by Wegmans Super Market, Woolworth's, Key Drugs and others.
Eddy Road (Mount Read Boulevard) Toward Paddy Hill
Old Eddy Road looking north toward Paddy Hill. The steeple of the Mother of Sorrows Church is visible in the distance. The name of the road was changed to Mt. Read Blvd in the 1920's. Frank Rigney was the proprietor of Rigney Farms. The Whelelan farm house was part of the Greece Historical Society "Tour of Historical Houses" in the 2000's.
Town of Greece Department of Public Works Sidewalk Construction
Town of Greece Department of Public Works employees constructing a residential sidewalk, 1979.
Hoosick (West Greece) Hill Cemetery
The Hoosic(k) Hill cemetery was also known as the West Greece Cemetery. It is located on the corners of Manitou and Ridge Roads. Many of those buried there are early Greece and Parma residents, 1970.
Buckman’s Dairy Delivery Truck and Driver
An early 1920's Buckman's Dairy delivery truck. Buckman's Dairy was founded by Homer Buckman in 1911. A store was added in the 1930's and the company was purchased by Ralph DeStephano in the 1950's. Mr. DeStephano expanded the offerings to include donuts, ice cream and a commercial plaza that offered car wash and laundry services. Mr. DeStephano was a dedicated community activist for decades. The Buckman's store closed in the mid-2000's.
VerHulst Bros. Farm Market on Ridge Road
The VerHulst Bros. Farm Market was located at 1253 Ridge Road, near Mt. Read Blvd. It began as a roadside fruit stand run by Stephanie VerHulst in the 1930's. Eventually, brothers Cy, John, Charles and Joseph opened the market and sold fruits, vegetables, soil, plants and farming equipment. It closed in the 1990's. Members of the VerHulst family went on to open Cobble Creek Farm in Parma.
The Original Schaller’s Drive-In Eatery on Edgemere Drive
Schaller's restaurant on Edgemere Drive as it appeared in the 1950's. Brothers Ken and Joe Schaller opened it in 1956. A second location opened in Irondequoit in 1959 and a third in Brighton in 1996. A 2013 USA Today nationwide poll ranked Schaller's hot dogs fourth best in the country.
The Old Town of Greece Water Tower
The Town of Greece water tower located on North Greece Road near Ridge Road on the site that would eventually become Elm Ridge Center plaza, 1980. The water tower was built in response to ongoing water shortage and water pressure issues on Ridge Road. In 1957, three college students were arrested after climbing the tower as a prank.
Stagecoach on Ridge Road
Stagecoach on Ridge Road, 1840's. Stagecoach travel along the narrow Ridge Road was a popular means in the early to mid 1800's. The road was often cluttered with cattle, pioneers, freight wagons and tourists. There were many popular inns along the way. The coach could typically hold twelve passengers, but more would be stacked wherever possible. It ran on the Sabbath, much to the dismay of some "Blue Law Rochesterians," who went on to form their own coach line called the Pioneer, which only ran on weekdays.
Map of Greece 1820
Map of Greece, 1820.