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The “German Village” at Ontario Beach Park
The German Village located in Ontario Beach Park in the early 1900's. The German Village was one of many features at the amusement park, which included a scenic rail ride and rollercoaster. It was located on the east promenade of the park. Known as the "Coney Island of Western New York," the park also featured popular attractions like the Fighting Flames firefighter re-enactment and the Virginia Reel spinning ride. The park began to decline following several catastrophic fires, the arrival of the automobile and Prohibition, among other things.
The Kenmore Hotel Lake and Latta Road in Charlotte
The Kenmore Hotel was located on the corner of Lake Avenue and Latta Road in Charlotte. It was built in the mid 1800's. It offered furnished rooms for rent and boasted a dance orchestra, banquet facilities and outdoor sports. It suffered a horrific fire in 1943.
Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte
Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte looking east, late 1800's. Considered the "Coney Island of Western New York," the amusement park included an extensive boardwalk, ethnic villages, bath houses, and variety shows. Bostock's Animal Show facility is seen on the right and the Scenic Railway platform in the distance on the left. Aerial performers, carnival games and live music were also featured at the park. It reached its hey-day in the late 1800's. The arrival of the automobile, several destructive fires and Prohibition all played a role in its demise. Around 1920, the City of Rochester acquired the land, razed the deteriorating structures and began plans to convert it into a city park.
Town of Greece Parks and Recreation Commissioner Basil A. Marella
Town of Greece Parks and Recreation Commissioner Basil A. Marella, 1917-1994. Mr. Marella served as the Town of Greece Parks and Recreation Commissioner for thirty two years. The formerly named English Road park was renamed Basil A. Marella Park in 1995 in his honor. Under his stewardship, he led the development and building of twelve Greece town parks from 1960-1992. Of special pride was the one hundred and two acre park on English Road that now bears his name.
North Greece Railroad Station
The North Greece Railroad station, located on the northeast side of North Greece Road and was part of the "Hojack Line." For a considerable length of time, it serviced the Rome, Watertown, Ogdensburg Rail Road (R.W. & O.) line. The last train to pass through the station was in 1978.
Naum Brothers Store on Ridge Road
Naum Bros store was located at 2373 West Ridge Road and founded by Robert Naum in the 1950's. It sold sporting goods, appliances, lawn equipment and more. They had several locations in the Rochester area. It ceased to exist sometime in the 1980's. Pictured here in 1956.
Aerial View of Ridgeway Avenue and Long Pond Road
Aerial view of Ridgeway Avenue and Long Pond Road looking northeast, toward the Erie Canal, 1977.
Greece Baptist Church Ridge and Long Pond Roads
Front view of Greece Baptist Church, located on the northeast corner of Ridge and Long Pond Roads, 1955. Fred Dean was the pastor in 1955.
Craft and Clarke’s Red and White Food Store West Ridge Road
Red & White Food Stores Plaza at the corner of Ridge & Long Pond Roads, 1950's. Red & White Food Stores was a national chain that started in the 1920's and by the 1950's, had over one thousand stores in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. An advertisement for Craft and Clarke's Red & White Food store at this time shows butter was $.67 a pound and cigarette's were $1.67 a carton, The Ridge and Long Pond Road store building is now Heritage Jewelers (2020)
Buckman’s Dairy and Bakery on West Ridge Road
Buckman's Dairy and Bakery on West Ridge Road, 1956. A loaf of bread would have cost $.18 and a gallon of milk sold for around $.97 at this time. The dairy was started in 1911 by Homer Buckman and closed in 2005.
Corner of West Ridge Road and Pepperidge Drive Looking West
The corner of West Ridge Road and Pepperidge Drive looking west. This is the future site of Ridgemont Plaza, 1955. In 2021, Denny's Restaurant sits on the corner of Pepperidge and Ridge Road just beyond the Rt 104 sign.
Bridge Over Barge Canal at Elmgrove Road
A view of the steel bridge over the Barge Canal at Elmgrove Road, 1919. The bridge was the site of numerous car accidents and drownings over the years. By 1967, it was deemed "unbelievably rickety and dangerous" and an "incredible carry over from the horse and buggy era." It was replaced in 1971.
The Braddock Point Lighthouse
The Braddock Point Lighthouse, 1900. Built in 1896 and was in service for fifty years, It was purchased by private owners in 2014 and converted into a bed and breakfast.
Grand Opening Ceremony for Shoppers Fair Discount Center in Stoneridge Plaza
Greece Supervisor Vincent L. Tofany (center) cutting ribbon to open the Shoppers Fair Discount Center in Stoneridge Plaza. Also pictured (left to right) are store manager Milton Sandler, owner Anthony Comparato, Sheriff Albert W. Skinner and executive Charles Maran, August 1961.
David W. Bermant Technilogical Art Exhibit at Long Ridge Mall
One of the more than twenty permanent art pieces placed at Long Ridge Mall as part of the technical art collection put together by David W. Bermant. The pieces focused on movement and the use of modern, technological materials such as metals, lasers and video components. Other pieces included the "Electric Ball Circus" and the "Wind Lighthouse," 1978.