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The Braddock Point Lighthouse
The Braddock Point Lighthouse, 1900. Built in 1896 and was in service for fifty years, It was purchased by private owners in 2014 and converted into a bed and breakfast.
Grand Opening Ceremony for Shoppers Fair Discount Center in Stoneridge Plaza
Greece Supervisor Vincent L. Tofany (center) cutting ribbon to open the Shoppers Fair Discount Center in Stoneridge Plaza. Also pictured (left to right) are store manager Milton Sandler, owner Anthony Comparato, Sheriff Albert W. Skinner and executive Charles Maran, August 1961.
David W. Bermant Technilogical Art Exhibit at Long Ridge Mall
One of the more than twenty permanent art pieces placed at Long Ridge Mall as part of the technical art collection put together by David W. Bermant. The pieces focused on movement and the use of modern, technological materials such as metals, lasers and video components. Other pieces included the "Electric Ball Circus" and the "Wind Lighthouse," 1978.
Greece Police Officer John Swanton
Greece Police Officer John Swanton, 1939. On Friday, 02 May 1941, Officers Swanton and Bill Gray Officer were famously involved in a three hour "four foot chase" trying to capture a "wandering steed" named Nellie. Swanton was a Navy veteran and died in 1995.
Swimming at Manitou Beach
Vacationers swimming at Manitou Beach, 1917. Manitou Beach is located just west of Braddock Bay. The beach was originally named Hicks' Point, after Revolutionary War veteran Samuel Hicks and the name was changed to Manitou Beach, named after a popular Colorado resort called Manitou Springs. The beach was several waterfront features along Lake Ontario that was popular with vacationers in the 1800's through about the 1930's.
Roger’s Grocery Delivery Boy at Ridge Road Railroad Crossing
A Roger's Grocery delivery boy crosses the tracks at Ridge Road, looking north. Roger's Grocery was located at 1458 Dewey Avenue (near Ridgeway) and was owned by Frank Rogers. 1900's.
Ridge Road Food Shop Near Eddy Road
The Ridge Road Food Shop on Ridge Road, near Eddy Road (Mt. Read), 1910's.
Grand Opening of Genesee Valley Union Trust Bank
From left to right, Fred Strauss, Al Skinner, Supervisor Gordon Howe and bank president Art Hughes at a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the Genesee Valley Union Trust bank located in the Ridgemont Plaza at 2791 Ridge Road. The building is currently used by Key Bank. It was the twenty first local branch, 1957.
Greece Arcadia High School Groundbreaking Ceremony
Greece Arcadia High School groundbreaking ceremony on 29 April 2004. Pictured in the center are New York Senator Joseph Robach (dark suit), Assemblyman Bill Reilich (gray suit) and Greece Town Supervisor John Auberger (behind shoulder of Assemblyman Reilich). The groundbreaking was to commemorate expansions and renovations for the school, which was built in 1962.
1973 Brockway Town of Greece Tow Truck
Originally purchased as a dump truck, this 1973 Brockway tow truck is currently owned by Ross Vleck of Churchville, NY. It has a 230 Cummins engine and twin stick shift and was originally purchased at a cost of about $25,000.
Aerial View of 131 & 135 Elmgrove Road
Aerial view of 131 & 135 Elmgrove Road, 1950's. Aerial photographer Henry DeWolf took flight with instructor Don Hudgins a weekend in February 1955 for a series of aerial photos of the Rochester area.
Rochester Subway Dewey Avenue near Ridgeway Avenue
Car No. 1230 of the Rochester Subway heads north on Dewey Avenue, just passing Ridgeway Avenue, 1920s. The subway ran for nearly thirty years, beginning in 1927 until 1956.
Reverend Henry R. Chattin
Rev. Henry R. Chattin of Spencerport bicycling in Greece, 1898. Rev. Chattin was a Methodist who spoke at a number of Rochester area churches. Rev. Chattin appears to have a commemorative thirteen star American flag affixed to his handlebars. The US flag in 1898 would have been composed of forty five stars, following the inclusion of Utah as a state in 1896.
Corner of Ridge Road and Bonesteel Street
Ridge Road looking east at Bonesteel Street. An advertisement for the Power Hotel can be seen to the right of center. This hotel was a Rochester staple, built in 1882 and located on West Main Street. Arnold Palmer celebrated receiving the 1960 Hickock Belt at the ceremonial banquet at the Powers.
Wittman Motors Tow Truck Service
Wittman Motors tow service retrieving a vehicle from the Erie Canal. Wittman's was located at 2496 Ridge Road, across from the old Town Hall.