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Empire Electric 2672 Ridge Road West – Dr. George Sanders House
Located at 2672 Ridge Road, Empire Electric was established in 1971 and occupied the former house of Dr. George Sanders. The house was built in the 1850's. Empire Electric was a light fixture supply business and operated at this location until the 1990's. It was demolished in the 2010's.
The Todd – Casey – Craig House Ridge Road
The Todd - Casey - Craig house located at 3349 Ridge Road West, 1980. The house was built in 1852. Additions were added in the 1960's. The structure is listed in the "101 Historical Sites Survey" conducted in the 1990's. It is an old farmhouse that belonged to the prominent Todd, Casey or Craig families at various times. David Todd was the original proprietor and an early settler in Greece; arriving with his family as a child in 1826. James D. Casey owned the house in the early 1900's. By 1924, it was owned by William H. Craig.
Keene’s Greenhouses on Ridge Road
Keene's Greenhouses was a nineteen acre farm located just east of Eddy Road (now Mt. Read Blvd). Keene's was one of many farms that operated along Ridge Road until the late 1930's, when agriculture gave way to industry and a rapidly increasing population in Greece.
96 Sharon Drive Home in August 1959
A single family home on Sharon Drive in 1959. Sharon Drive is located off of Fetzner Road.
Aerial View of 1580 Maiden Lane
An aerial view of a farm located at 1580 Maiden Lane. The road leading to the farm building is now Stoney Path Lane and the road running north along the farm house is Woodstone Lane.
Grange Hall on Ridge Road
Picture of Grange Hall on Ridge Road, built in 1905. It remained until 1962, when it moved to Long Pond Road.
Skyler House at Dewey and Stone Roads
John Skyler (left) and his wife Mariah (to his left) in front of their house, 1880's.
Alanson Britton House on Long Pond Road
The Alanson Britton House on Long Pond Road, 2010.
Emrich House on Ridge Road West
The Emrich House located on the northwest corner of Ridge Road and Lake Avenue. Kodak in the background. Date unknown.
Old Barn on North Avenue
Old farm barn located at 297 North Avenue, 1970.
The Tucker – Wambach Farm on Manitou Road
The Tucker-Wambach Farm located at 2270 Manitou Road, 1912.
Cobblestone House on Long Pond Road
Front of cobblestone house on Long Pond Road, 1974.
Aerial View of the Thomas Farm
Aerial view of the Thomas Farm on the west side of Stone Road, 1950's.
Cobblestone House on North Greece Road
Cobblestone house on North Greece Road, date unknown.
The Yates-Thayer Farm
Moving hay at the Yates-Thayer Farm, date unknown.