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Greece Baptist Church Ridge and Long Pond Roads
Front view of Greece Baptist Church, located on the northeast corner of Ridge and Long Pond Roads, 1955. Fred Dean was the pastor in 1955.
Old Greece Methodist Church on Maiden Lane
The old Greece Methodist Church located on Maiden Lane. This structure was built in 1874 and replaced around 1915 by a new church.
Former St. John’s the Evangelist Church on Ridge Road
Built in 1875, the old St. John the Evangelist Church has been utilized by a number of businesses since its use was discontinued in the 1970's after the parish relocated. Among some of the businesses, it has served as a Verizon Wireless store and a music store, as seen in this photo from the 1980's. As of 2019, it has been vacant for a number of years.
Original Mother of Sorrows Church
The original Mother of Sorrows Church, dedicated February 5, 1832. It served parishioners from 1832 until 1859. The land it was built on was donated by Nicholas Read and most of the construction was done by members of the parish,
Hoosick (West Greece) Hill Cemetery
The Hoosic(k) Hill cemetery was also known as the West Greece Cemetery. It is located on the corners of Manitou and Ridge Roads. Many of those buried there are early Greece and Parma residents, 1970.
The Corner of Long Pond Road and Maiden Lane
The corner of Long Pond Road and Maiden Lane looking north east. The old Greece Methodist Church can be seen in the center, 1984.
The “Little Green” Bethany Presbyterian Church
The "Little Green" Bethany Presbyterian Church was located at 2894 Dewey Avenue on the corner of Haviland Park. It was formerly known as the Dewey Avenue Union Church.
District #9 Cobblestone Schoolhouse
The old cobblestone schoolhouse, District #9. Also used as Greece Methodist Church in 1841. Located on Long Pond and Maiden Lane.
2017 Glimpses of Greece Honorable Mention – “Our Mother of Sorrows Church”
2017 Glimpses of Greece Honorable Mention - "Our Mother of Sorrows Church" by Richard Healey
Church of Christ, Lawson Road
Church of Christ located at 15 Lawson Road, established in 1942.
Construction of Trinity Episcopal Church
Construction of the Trinity Episcopal Church on Ridge Road, 1968.
Mother of Sorrows Church
Mother of Sorrows Church, 2007. Corner of Mt. Read Blvd and Latta Rd.
Greece Baptist Church
The old Greece Baptist Church, Long Pond Road, established in 1814.
Mother of Sorrows Church
Mother of Sorrows Church, Mt. Read Blvd. and Latta Rd. before use as Greece Public Library in 1963.
Greece Methodist Church
Old Greece Methodist Church, Maiden Lane. The congregation was founded in 1841. The church was built in 1874.