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Bridge Over Barge Canal at Elmgrove Road
A view of the steel bridge over the Barge Canal at Elmgrove Road, 1919. The bridge was the site of numerous car accidents and drownings over the years. By 1967, it was deemed "unbelievably rickety and dangerous" and an "incredible carry over from the horse and buggy era." It was replaced in 1971.
The Braddock Point Lighthouse
The Braddock Point Lighthouse, 1900. Built in 1896 and was in service for fifty years, It was purchased by private owners in 2014 and converted into a bed and breakfast.
Swimming at Manitou Beach
Vacationers swimming at Manitou Beach, 1917. Manitou Beach is located just west of Braddock Bay. The beach was originally named Hicks' Point, after Revolutionary War veteran Samuel Hicks and the name was changed to Manitou Beach, named after a popular Colorado resort called Manitou Springs. The beach was several waterfront features along Lake Ontario that was popular with vacationers in the 1800's through about the 1930's.
Erie Canal Widening Construction in South Greece
The Erie Canal undergoing widening construction in South Greece in 1909. The Buell and Ellison houses can be seen in the distance. The work was performed by the Empire Engineering Corporation, which was contracted to expand eight miles of the canal that passed through Greece. The steam shovel was the workhouse for this project and was also used in the building of the Panama Canal.
Lake Ontario Flooding on Edgemere Drive
Lake Ontario flooding on Edgemere Drive, May 2019.
Aerial View of Island Cottage and Janes Road
Aerial view of Island Cottage and Flynn Roads, looking north. 1970's
Newly Widened Erie Canal
The newly widened Erie canal at Elmgrove Road, 1910. After nearly two decades of financial and legislative wrangling, funding was finally secured to address the ongoing commercial transport challenges with the New York State canal systems.
Braddock Bay Marina & Harbor
Braddock Bay Marina & Harbor, 1967. It is located on East Manitou Road. As of 2016, it is called "Westpoint Marina & Harbor on Braddock Bay" following purchase by the Daniele Family of Companies.
Map of Ponds Along the Shore of Lake Ontario 1850
1850's map of the ponds that are located along the shore of Lake Ontario; including Braddock Bay, Cranberry Pond, Long Pond, Buck Pond and Round Pond, 1850's.
Erie Canal Frozen in Winter
The Erie Canal, frozen in the winter, 2005. During the winter, the canal is drained and locks are lowered to redirect water flow.
Aerial View of Manitou Beach
Aerial view of Manitou Beach, 1959.
Aerial View of Manitou Beach
Aerial view of Manitou Beach, 1977.
Aerial View of Braddock Bay
Aerial view of Braddock Bay, 1970's.
2016 Glimpses of Greece Honorable Mention –  “Summer Afternoon at Crescent Beach”
2016 Glimpses of Greece Photography Contest Honorable Mention - "Summer Afternoon at Crescent Beach" by Patty Singer.
2016 Glimpses of Greece 2nd Place Youth – “Braddock Bay Beach”
2016 Glimpses of Greece Photography Contest, 2nd Place Youth - "Braddock Bay Beach" by Julianna Pye, 2016.