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Corner of West Ridge Road and Pepperidge Drive Looking West
The corner of West Ridge Road and Pepperidge Drive looking west. This is the future site of Ridgemont Plaza, 1955. In 2021, Denny's Restaurant sits on the corner of Pepperidge and Ridge Road just beyond the Rt 104 sign.
Bridge Over Barge Canal at Elmgrove Road
A view of the steel bridge over the Barge Canal at Elmgrove Road, 1919. The bridge was the site of numerous car accidents and drownings over the years. By 1967, it was deemed "unbelievably rickety and dangerous" and an "incredible carry over from the horse and buggy era." It was replaced in 1971.
Roger’s Grocery Delivery Boy at Ridge Road Railroad Crossing
A Roger's Grocery delivery boy crosses the tracks at Ridge Road, looking north. Roger's Grocery was located at 1458 Dewey Avenue (near Ridgeway) and was owned by Frank Rogers. 1900's.
Aerial View of 131 & 135 Elmgrove Road
Aerial view of 131 & 135 Elmgrove Road, 1950's. Aerial photographer Henry DeWolf took flight with instructor Don Hudgins a weekend in February 1955 for a series of aerial photos of the Rochester area.
Rochester Subway Dewey Avenue near Ridgeway Avenue
Car No. 1230 of the Rochester Subway heads north on Dewey Avenue, just passing Ridgeway Avenue, 1920s. The subway ran for nearly thirty years, beginning in 1927 until 1956.
Corner of Ridge Road and Bonesteel Street
Ridge Road looking east at Bonesteel Street. An advertisement for the Power Hotel can be seen to the right of center. This hotel was a Rochester staple, built in 1882 and located on West Main Street. Arnold Palmer celebrated receiving the 1960 Hickock Belt at the ceremonial banquet at the Powers.
Construction of I-390 Extension
Massive construction and upgrades took place in the 1980's for I-390, also known as "The Genesee Expressway." In Greece, this included a 4.6 mile extension of the expressway beyond Ridge Road to the Lake Ontario State Parkway. Formerly known as Rt 47, this photo shows the construction of bridge supports at English Road. The project cost $24 million and was completed in 1983.
Corners of Ridge and Long Pond Roads
The corners of Ridge and Long Pond Roads looking east, 1970. The old Town Hall is visible in the center. Agostinelli's Super Market can be seen to the right. There were four Agostinelli's Fine Food Markets in Rochester at the time. Located at 2547 W Ridge Rd, as of 2020 it is the site of Heritage Jewelers.
Old Elmgrove Road Canal Bridge
The old Elmgrove Road bridge over the canal, 1970. The bridge was permanently closed in 1970 and a new bridge opened in 1971.
Corner of Latta and North Greece Roads Looking East
The corners of Latta and North Greece Road looking east in the early 1970's. The side of the North Greece Road Food Market is visible on the right. The DeMay Hotel can be seen across the street from the market.
The Corners of Maiden Lane and Long Pond Road
Looking southwest, the corners of Maiden Lane and Long Pond Road, 1981. The J&J Corner Superette is seen on the left. Located at 1097 Long Pond Road, it was the seen of a 1976 robbery attempt in which the Greece Police Department used their police dog to capture two youths.
Latta Road in the Early 20th Century
Latta Road in the early 20th century. At this time, it consisted mostly of large family farms. The Whelehan, Fleming and Kirk were just a few of the families holding at least a hundred acres along the road. By this time, the Latta family held 46 acres at the east end of the road.
Eddy Road (Mount Read Boulevard) Toward Paddy Hill
Old Eddy Road looking north toward Paddy Hill. The steeple of the Mother of Sorrows Church is visible in the distance. The name of the road was changed to Mt. Read Blvd in the 1920's. Frank Rigney was the proprietor of Rigney Farms. The Whelelan farm house was part of the Greece Historical Society "Tour of Historical Houses" in the 2000's.
Map of Greece 1820
Map of Greece, 1820.
Map of Greece 1852
Map of West Greece, 1852 from Gillette Publishing and P.J. Browne surveying.