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The Greece Ridge Fire Department
Fire fighters are pictured here in front of the 1922 Pierce Arrow pumper, celebrating their 3rd Annual Field Day. The Greece Ridge Fire Department was incorporated on August 3, 1922. The first firehouse opened in 1924 on the corner of Ridge Road and Long Pond Road.
The Elmheart Hotel Following Catastrophic Fire
Remains of the Elmheart Hotel following a catastrophic fire in September 1992. The fire likely started at 1 a.m. and was deemed suspicious by investigators. The hotel originally opened in 1890 and by 1992, had sat vacant for a number of years and developers owed nearly $25,000 in back taxes.
Holiday Inn on Ridge Road West After Arson Fire
The Holiday Inn following catastrophic arson fire. The hotel was located at 1525 West Ridge Road and on 26 November 1978 suffered an arson fire that resulted in 10 deaths. The crime was never solved.
New Greece Volunteer Ambulance Vehicle
Newly purchased Cadillac ambulance for Greece Volunteer Ambulance, 1962. Greece Volunteer Ambulance service began January 1, 1959. By 1962, it had already responded to well over one thousand calls.
Greece Volunteer Ambulance Vehicles
Greece Volunteer Ambulance vehicles, 1970's. Greece Volunteer Ambulance service began January 1, 1959 and received thirty six calls for service the first month of operation.
The Harris Dairy Farm Barn Fire
The Harris Dairy Farm barn fire located at 2040 English Road. The barn was struck by lightning on August, 18, 1937.
Crescent Beach Fire Station
The old Crescent Beach Fire Station, 1930's.
Barnard Fire Department Fire Truck
1920's Barnard Fire Department fire truck.
Greece Ridge Fire Department Chemical Fire Wagon
Greece Ridge Fire Department chemical pumper fire wagon, late 1800's. This wagon was purchased by the Fetzner and Knipper families to protect their properties on the Ridge. It was made in France and is currently on display at the Greece Historical Society.
Braddock Heights Fire Department
Pictured L-R Front Row: Chester Armstrong (former chief), William Kuntor, Harold McCann (chief), Gordon Howe, Frank Miller Back Row: R. Richards, Albert Groth, Wilbert Burns and Ira Witherow, 1940's.
Barnard Fire Department Officers and Drivers
Barnard Fire Department officers and volunteers, 1930's.
Greece Fire Department Personnel in the Classroom
Two unidentified Greece Fire Department personnel teaching fire safety to students, 1984.
Ridge Road Fire District Ladder Truck
Ridge Road Fire District ladder truck, 1990's.
Ridge Road Fire Department
Fire truck bay of the Ridge Road Fire District, 1990's.
Town Supervisor Don J. Riley and Firemen
Town Supervisor Don J. Riley (seated in center) and firemen, 1984.