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The Manchester Hotel on Ridge Road
The Manchester Hotel was located on the southeast corner of Ridge and Manitou Roads. By 1916, it was known as The Winslow Hotel and was the site of a catastrophic acetylene gas explosion. Newspaper reports state that the force of the explosion was felt a mile away. In the 1910's, owner O.M. Winslow hosted fox and coon chases, clam bakes and auctions at the hotel. This is how the hotel appeared in the 1880's.
Greece Police Officer John Swanton
Greece Police Officer John Swanton, 1939. On Friday, 02 May 1941, Officers Swanton and Bill Gray Officer were famously involved in a three hour "four foot chase" trying to capture a "wandering steed" named Nellie. Swanton was a Navy veteran and died in 1995.
North Greece Food Market on Latta Road
Another market occupying the old "Phelps Store" building located at 3569 Latta Road. The North Greece Food Market existed in the late 1960's into the early 1970's. A portion of the electric sign for the DeMay Hotel can be seen on the left, 1970's.
Original Mother of Sorrows Church
The original Mother of Sorrows Church, dedicated February 5, 1832. It served parishioners from 1832 until 1859. The land it was built on was donated by Nicholas Read and most of the construction was done by members of the parish,
Town of Greece Department of Public Works Vehicle Fleet
A fleet of DPW vehicles outside the garage on Long Pond Road, 1971.
Former Town of Greece Supervisors Vince Tofany and Gordon Howe
Former Town of Greece Supervisors Vince Tofany and Gordon Howe attending a celebratory event in the 1970's. Supervisor Howe served from 1934-1960. Supervisor Tofany served from 1960-1964.
School Crossing Guard Henry Lewerenz at Barnard Railroad Crossing
School crossing guard Henry Lewerenz. Mr. Lewerenz is shown stationed at the Barnard railroad crossing around 1920 as a Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh coal train passes. Prior to the installation of automated lights and gates, guards were stationed at railroad crossings throughout Monroe County. The Barnard railroad crossing was located on Dewey Avenue near the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.
Dewey Avenue Entrance to Northgate Plaza
The Dewey Avenue entrance to Northgate Plaza, 1950's. The plaza opened in October, 1953 and housed Wegman's, Star Market, Woolworth's and McCurdy's at various times during its history. It is currently anchored by Walmart and several other large chain retailers and service centers.
Aerial View of Agway Garden Store on Long Pond Road
Agway Garden Store located just north of Latta Road at 675 Long Pond Road, 1970's. It relocated to 870 Long Pond in the 1990's at the former Matts Garden Center loation, after which it subsequently closed a few years later.