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Original District #6 School on College Avenue
The original District #6 school building, 1900's. Also known as the North Greece School and the "Gooseneck School," likely because of the shape of College Avenue, where it resided, it was incorporated into the Hilton School District in 1949.
Buckman’s Dairy Delivery Truck and Driver
An early 1920's Buckman's Dairy delivery truck. Buckman's Dairy was founded by Homer Buckman in 1911. A store was added in the 1930's and the company was purchased by Ralph DeStephano in the 1950's. Mr. DeStephano expanded the offerings to include donuts, ice cream and a commercial plaza that offered car wash and laundry services. Mr. DeStephano was a dedicated community activist for decades. The Buckman's store closed in the mid-2000's.
Stagecoach on Ridge Road
Stagecoach on Ridge Road, 1860's. Stagecoach travel along the narrow Ridge Road was a popular means in the early to mid 1800's. The road was often cluttered with cattle, pioneers, freight wagons and tourists. There were many popular inns along the way. The coach could typically hold twelve passengers, but more would be stacked wherever possible. It ran on the Sabbath, much to the dismay of some "Blue Law Rochesterians," who went on to form their own coach line called the Pioneer, which only ran on weekdays.
Truck Crashes Into Greece Grange Hall
A truck veered off Ridge Road on the morning of January 6, 1955 and crashed into the Greece Grange Hall. The truck was carrying 800 crates of apples when it side-swiped a vehicle before crashing into the building. There were no serious injuries. The driver of the truck, Paul Stauver, reported that the brakes failed and he was unable to control the vehicle.
“On the Beach” Sand Castle Creation at Long Ridge Mall
The "On the Beach" sandcastle creation at Long Ridge Mall. It was located in the McCurdy's court area, July 1987.
Waves From Lake Ontario Flooding Houses on Edgemere Drive
Old Edgemere Drive homes devastated by heavy April showers leading to extensive flooding and huge, rolling waves along Lake Ontario, April 1993. Greece Town Supervisor Roger Boily declared a local state of emergency to combat shore erosion and pond flooding.
Conductors in Front of Manitou Beach Trolley
Two conductors posing in front of a Manitou Beach Trolley in the late 1800's. The trolley rain from 1891 until 1925, delivering visitors and vacationers to the many resorts and attractions along the shore of Lake Ontario.
Greece Police Officer Frank Pitcher
Frank L. Pitcher was a Greece Police Officer from 1931 until 1962, when he retired as a sergeant. He was one of the "Magnificent Six"; the six original officers of the Greece Police Department. When he started as a constable in 1931, there was only one other officer; former Police Chief Milton H. Carter. They each worked 12 hour days, seven days a week. The pay was one dollar per arrest. Chief Carter said that Frank's experience working in his father's blacksmith shop helped on the job. "He'd knock 'em down and I'd put the cuffs on," Chief Milton one time reflected. He was married to his wife May for over fifty years and had three children; two daughters and a son. Frank L. Pitcher died September 14, 1969 at the age of 72.