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The Braddock Point Lighthouse
The Braddock Point Lighthouse, 1900. Built in 1896 and was in service for fifty years, It was purchased by private owners in 2014 and converted into a bed and breakfast.
David W. Bermant Technilogical Art Exhibit at Long Ridge Mall
One of the more than twenty permanent art pieces placed at Long Ridge Mall as part of the technical art collection put together by David W. Bermant. The pieces focused on movement and the use of modern, technological materials such as metals, lasers and video components. Other pieces included the "Electric Ball Circus" and the "Wind Lighthouse," 1978.
Swimming at Manitou Beach
Vacationers swimming at Manitou Beach, 1917. Manitou Beach is located just west of Braddock Bay. The beach was originally named Hicks' Point, after Revolutionary War veteran Samuel Hicks and the name was changed to Manitou Beach, named after a popular Colorado resort called Manitou Springs. The beach was several waterfront features along Lake Ontario that was popular with vacationers in the 1800's through about the 1930's.
1973 Brockway Town of Greece Tow Truck
Originally purchased as a dump truck, this 1973 Brockway tow truck is currently owned by Ross Vleck of Churchville, NY. It has a 230 Cummins engine and twin stick shift and was originally purchased at a cost of about $25,000.
Willis N. Britton School Building
Full front view of the Willis N. Britton School building located on Hoover Drive. It was built in 1929 on land donated by Mr. Britton. This would eventually become the Hoover Drive Middle School, the Odyssey School and is currently the Discovery Charter School, 1920's. The smaller district schools were required to change their names to reflect their neighborhood or streets when they joined the Greece Central district.
District #14 School Class Photo
Class photo of District #14 students and teachers, 1903. The #14 District School of Parma and Greece, also known as the Lane's Corners School, was located at the south west corner of Wilder and Manitou Roads.
Old Greece Methodist Church on Maiden Lane
The old Greece Methodist Church located on Maiden Lane. This structure was built in 1874 and replaced around 1915 by a new church.
Aerial of Latta Road at North Greece Road
Latta Road at North Greece Road looking east, 1950.