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Waves From Lake Ontario Flooding Houses on Edgemere Drive
Old Edgemere Drive homes devastated by heavy April showers leading to extensive flooding and huge, rolling waves along Lake Ontario, April 1993. Greece Town Supervisor Roger Boily declared a local state of emergency to combat shore erosion and pond flooding.
The Four Mile Grocery and Saloon
Pictured is the Knobles family and an employee outside the Four Mile Grocery store around 1889. The Four Mile Grocery store was located on the canal at Ridgeway Avenue and Weiland Road beginning shortly after the Civil War. It was one of many stores that conducted business along the canal and was considered a "hard cider stop." It was called "Four Mile Grocery" because it was four miles outside the city. In 1904, thirty year old Frank Luitweiler of Greece mysteriously drowned in the canal just outside the store.
Conductors in Front of Manitou Beach Trolley
Two conductors posing in front of a Manitou Beach Trolley in the late 1800's. The trolley rain from 1891 until 1925, delivering visitors and vacationers to the many resorts and attractions along the shore of Lake Ontario.
Aftermath of Hotel Manchester Acetylene Gas Explosion
The aftermath of the Manchester Hotel acetylene gas explosion, March 1916. The explosion occurred after the proprietor, Mr. O.M. Winslow, lit a match while inspecting the faulty gas lighting. He suffered the only injury in the disaster; a broken leg. It was located on the northeast corner of Manitou and Ridge Roads. There is a Doan Auto Sales lot on this corner as of the 2010's. After the explosion, the rebuilt hotel was used as rooming house until the mid 20th century.
Town of Greece Supervisors Vincent Tofany and Gordon Howe
Then sitting Town of Greece Supervisor Vince Tofany shaking hands with former Town of Greece Supervisor Gordon Howe. Supervisor Tofany served from 1960-1964. Supervisor Howe served from 1934-1960.
Greece Welcome Wagon Club Exposition Table
Greece Welcome Wagon Club members Carolyn Shuman and Florence Zempyl at the 1964 Greece Progress Exposition. The Welcome Wagon Club was especially active from the 1960's through the 1990's in welcoming new residents to the community.
Vice President Richard M. Nixon Presidential Campaign Visit
Then Vice President Richard M. Nixon campaigning in Rochester, New York, November 1, 1960. He spoke at the Rochester War Memorial. Greece Town Supervisor Gordon Howe is pictured left of Mrs. Pat Nixon, Vice President went on to lose the election by a mere .17% margin in the popular vote.
Aerial View of Agway Garden Store on Long Pond Road
Agway Garden Store located just north of Latta Road at 675 Long Pond Road, 1970's. It relocated to 870 Long Pond in the 1990's at the former Matts Garden Center loation, after which it subsequently closed a few years later.
Greece Police Officer Frank Pitcher
Frank L. Pitcher was a Greece Police Officer from 1931 until 1962, when he retired as a sergeant. He was one of the "Magnificent Six"; the six original officers of the Greece Police Department. When he started as a constable in 1931, there was only one other officer; former Police Chief Milton H. Carter. They each worked 12 hour days, seven days a week. The pay was one dollar per arrest. Chief Carter said that Frank's experience working in his father's blacksmith shop helped on the job. "He'd knock 'em down and I'd put the cuffs on," Chief Milton one time reflected. He was married to his wife May for over fifty years and had three children; two daughters and a son. Frank L. Pitcher died September 14, 1969 at the age of 72.