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Naum Brothers Store on Ridge Road
Naum Bros store was located at 2373 West Ridge Road and founded by Robert Naum in the 1950's. It sold sporting goods, appliances, lawn equipment and more. They had several locations in the Rochester area. It ceased to exist sometime in the 1980's. Pictured here in 1956.
Craft and Clarke’s Red and White Food Store West Ridge Road
Red & White Food Stores Plaza at the corner of Ridge & Long Pond Roads, 1950's. Red & White Food Stores was a national chain that started in the 1920's and by the 1950's, had over one thousand stores in Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. An advertisement for Craft and Clarke's Red & White Food store at this time shows butter was $.67 a pound and cigarette's were $1.67 a carton, The Ridge and Long Pond Road store building is now Heritage Jewelers (2020)
Buckman’s Dairy and Bakery on West Ridge Road
Buckman's Dairy and Bakery on West Ridge Road, 1956. A loaf of bread would have cost $.18 and a gallon of milk sold for around $.97 at this time. The dairy was started in 1911 by Homer Buckman and closed in 2005.
Grand Opening Ceremony for Shoppers Fair Discount Center in Stoneridge Plaza
Greece Supervisor Vincent L. Tofany (center) cutting ribbon to open the Shoppers Fair Discount Center in Stoneridge Plaza. Also pictured (left to right) are store manager Milton Sandler, owner Anthony Comparato, Sheriff Albert W. Skinner and executive Charles Maran, August 1961.
David W. Bermant Technilogical Art Exhibit at Long Ridge Mall
One of the more than twenty permanent art pieces placed at Long Ridge Mall as part of the technical art collection put together by David W. Bermant. The pieces focused on movement and the use of modern, technological materials such as metals, lasers and video components. Other pieces included the "Electric Ball Circus" and the "Wind Lighthouse," 1978.
Roger’s Grocery Delivery Boy at Ridge Road Railroad Crossing
A Roger's Grocery delivery boy crosses the tracks at Ridge Road, looking north. Roger's Grocery was located at 1458 Dewey Avenue (near Ridgeway) and was owned by Frank Rogers. 1900's.
Ridge Road Food Shop Near Eddy Road
The Ridge Road Food Shop on Ridge Road, near Eddy Road (Mt. Read), 1910's.
Wittman Motors Tow Truck Service
Wittman Motors tow service retrieving a vehicle from the Erie Canal. Wittman's was located at 2496 Ridge Road, across from the old Town Hall.
Corners of Ridge and Long Pond Roads
The corners of Ridge and Long Pond Roads looking east, 1970. The old Town Hall is visible in the center. Agostinelli's Super Market can be seen to the right. There were four Agostinelli's Fine Food Markets in Rochester at the time. Located at 2547 W Ridge Rd, as of 2020 it is the site of Heritage Jewelers.
Ridgemont Plaza Architectural Drawing
The final plaza design of Ridgemont Plaza, 1957. Abbott, Merkt and Co. were the architects of the project, along with local architect A. Charles Pioch. The plaza opened in July 1959.
Vanderstyne Ford on Ridge Road
The Vanderstyne Ford dealership opened in 1967 and was located at 4545 West Ridge Road. The dealership president was Gerald P. Vanderstyne and it boasted a 25,000 square foot showroom and office complex.
The Forest Hill Restaurant on East Manitou Road
The Forest Hill Restaurant was located at 41 East Manitou Road., near Braddock Bay. It opened in the 1960's and was originally owned by Norman and Robert Forest. It was still operational in 2019; serving a popular fish fry dinner Wednesdays through Fridays.
Original Design Concept of Ridgemont Plaza
The original plaza design of Ridgemont Plaza, 1957. Abbott, Merkt and Co. were the architects of the project, along with local architect A. Charles Pioch. The plaza opened in July 1959.
North Greece Food Market on Latta Road
Another market occupying the old "Phelps Store" building located at 3569 Latta Road. The North Greece Food Market existed in the late 1960's into the early 1970's. A portion of the electric sign for the DeMay Hotel can be seen on the left, 1970's.
Former St. John’s the Evangelist Church on Ridge Road
Built in 1875, the old St. John the Evangelist Church has been utilized by a number of businesses since its use was discontinued in the 1970's after the parish relocated. Among some of the businesses, it has served as a Verizon Wireless store and a music store, as seen in this photo from the 1980's. As of 2019, it has been vacant for a number of years.