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The “German Village” at Ontario Beach Park
The German Village located in Ontario Beach Park in the early 1900's. The German Village was one of many features at the amusement park, which included a scenic rail ride and rollercoaster. It was located on the east promenade of the park. Known as the "Coney Island of Western New York," the park also featured popular attractions like the Fighting Flames firefighter re-enactment and the Virginia Reel spinning ride. The park began to decline following several catastrophic fires, the arrival of the automobile and Prohibition, among other things.
Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte
Ontario Beach Park in Charlotte looking east, late 1800's. Considered the "Coney Island of Western New York," the amusement park included an extensive boardwalk, ethnic villages, bath houses, and variety shows. Bostock's Animal Show facility is seen on the right and the Scenic Railway platform in the distance on the left. Aerial performers, carnival games and live music were also featured at the park. It reached its hey-day in the late 1800's. The arrival of the automobile, several destructive fires and Prohibition all played a role in its demise. Around 1920, the City of Rochester acquired the land, razed the deteriorating structures and began plans to convert it into a city park.
Greece vs. Webster Girls Soccer Game
Greece vs. Webster girls soccer players battling for the ball, 1984.
Barnard Little League “Braves” Baseball Team
Team photo of the Barnard Little League Braves baseball team, 1956.
Barnard Little League Opening Day Parade
Barnard Little League Opening Day parade, 1956.
Greece Parks Summer Chess Program
Greece children participating in the parks and recreation chess program, 1950's.
Greece Parks and Recreation Summer Program
Greece children participating doing "boondoggle" during a parks summer program, 1950's.
Hoover vs Britton Road 4th Grade Championship Game
Hoover vs. Britton Road schools basketball championship game, 1950's. Hoover won the game by a score of 10-9.
Boating on Long Pond
Boating on Long Pond, 1906.
Greece Men’s Golf League Members
Members of the Greece Men's Golf League, 1977. Pictured (L-R) Tony LeBello, Jim Nowecki and John Mayer.
Greece Teen BMX Bike Jumping
A Greece teen jumping on his BMX bike, 1984. BMX "freestyle" took hold in the 1980's as an extension of BMX bike racing.
Sleigh Ride in Greece
Sleigh ride in Greece, 1984.
Learn to Swim Program at Peter’s Pool
The "Learn to Swim" program sponsored by the American Red Cross in Greece at Peter's Pool, 1940's.
Fishing at the Long Pond Bridge
Fishing at the Long Pond Bridge, early 1900's.
Golf Lessons at Braemar Country Club
Adult golf lessons at the Braemar Country Club driving range, 1976.