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Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation Advertisement
The Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation came into existence in response to World War II shipbuilding demands. John H. Odenbach's shipyard built landing barges and shallow draft oil tankers for the American war effort, averaging an astonishing rate of delivery of about one ship every two weeks.
Barge at the Odenbach Shipyard
Unknown worker standing on a barge at the Odenbach Shipyard, 1943. The Odenbach Shipyard was located at 4777 Dewey Avenue and was used to build ships during World War II. It was torn down in 2015.
Exterior of Old Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation Building
Exterior of old Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation building, 2014.
Exterior of Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation
The exterior of Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation on Dewey Avenue, 1943.
Crane at the Odenbach Shipyard
A crane at work inside the Odenbach shipyard, 1940's
Workers at the Odenbach Shipyard
Workers at the Odenbach shipyard, 1943.
Work at the Odenbach Shipyard
Work being done at Odenbach Shipbuilding Corp., 1943.
Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation Shipyard
The shipyard of the Odenbach Shipbuilding Corporation located at 4800 Dewey Avenue, 1943.
Odenbach Band at Company Picnic
Odenbach band playing at company picnic, 1944.
Odenbach Shipbuilding Corp. Band
The Odenbach Band pictured in their new uniforms, 1944.
Completed Military Y Boat Built at Odenbach Shipyard
Completed military Y boat at Odenbach Shipyard. John Odenbach pictured second from left, August 1943.
The Odenach Band at New York Central Station
The Odenbach Band at New York Central Station, 1944.
Charlotte Dockworkers and Military Inspectors at Genesee Harbor
Dockworkers and military inspectors at Genesee Harbor, 1944.
John H. Odenbach at the Helm
John H. Odenbach, 1887-1974. Shown at the helm of a ship build at his Odenbach Shipbuilding Corp., 1943. Mr. Odenbach started in the restaurant business in 1906, moved on to stone mining in 1920 and started the Odenbach Shipbuilding Company in Greece during World War II. He died in 1974 at the age of 86.
Men at Work at the Odenbach Shipyard
Welders and other workers at the Odenbach Shipyard, 1940's.