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Town of Greece Exposition Celebration Display
1960's Town of Greece Exposition display. In the 1950's and 1960's, the town would have an annual exposition celebration. This would often feature various community groups and government services organizations, highlighting the cultural and industrial accomplishments of the town.
Vice President Richard M. Nixon Presidential Campaign Visit
Then Vice President Richard M. Nixon campaigning in Rochester, New York, November 1, 1960. He spoke at the Rochester War Memorial. Greece Town Supervisor Gordon Howe is pictured left of Mrs. Pat Nixon, Vice President went on to lose the election by a mere .17% margin in the popular vote.
Vietnam Veterans Marching in Memorial Day Parade
Vietnam Veterans of American marching in Memorial Day Parade, 1990.
Town of Greece Memorial Day Parade
Memorial Day Parade marchers, 1990.
Greece Historical Society Town Hall Christmas Display
Christmas display constructed by the Greece Historical Society. This display was located in the foyer of the old Greece Town Hall on Ridge Road, 1988.
M. Cathy Mendriski-Helmes Meeting Santa
M. Cathy Mendriski-Helmes striking a deal with Santa, 1951.
Hoover Drive School Celebrating Arbor Day
1953 Arbor Day at the Hoover Drive School.
Greece Police Officers at the Town of Greece Exposition
Greece Police officers at the Town of Greece Exposition, 1950's.
Civil Defense Week Parade Motorcade
Civil Defense motorcade during "Civil Defense Week" parade. From left to right: Al Skinner, Greece Police Chief Milton Carter, Town Supervisor Vince Tofany and the Town of Greece Civil Defense Administrator Walter Whelahan, 1957. "Civil Defense Week" began at the urging of then President Dwight Eisnenhower to help develop community preparedness in the event of nuclear war or natural disasters.
Town of Greece Employee Christmas Photograph
Town of Greece employees posing in front of Christmas Tree at the old Town Hall, 1962.
Congratulatory Letter from President Richard M. Nixon
Letter from President Richard M. Nixon congratulating the Town of Greece on their 150th Anniversary.
Cub Scouts Marching in the Memorial Day Parade
Cub Scouts and a marching band in the 1954 Memorial Day Parade.
The Memorial Day Parade on Ridge Road
The 1954 Memorial Day Parade marching down Ridge Road, 1954.
Al Skinner and Vince Tofany Marching in the Memorial Day Parade
Sheriff Al Skinner, Greece Supervisor Vince Tofany and other officials marching in the Memorial Day Parade, 1954.
Band Marching in the Memorial Day Parade
Marching band in the Memorial Day Parade, 1954.