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District #11 Class Photo
Class photo of District #11, 1907. School was located on Ridge Road where Home Depot currently stands.
District #11 Class Photo
Class photo of District #11, located on Ridge Road (where Home Depot is currently located), 1906. William Britton is far left, back row.
Greece Central School Class of 1938
The 1938 Greece Central School Class.
Hoover Drive School “Symphonettes”
The symphonette group of the Hoover Drive School, 1946.
Aerial View of Britton Road School
Aerial view of the Britton Road School looking north-east, 1950's. Britton Road School was located at Britton Road and Dewey Avenue and opened in 1950. The school closed in 1981. This is the current location of Dairy Queen and the Big Lots Plaza (2019).
Laying the Cornerstone of Greece Olympia School
Laying the cornerstone of the Greece Olympia School, 1959. Myron White was the first principal and oversaw an initial student body of over a thousand students.
Willis N. Britton School Alma Mater Song
The alma mater song of the old Willis N. Britton School, date unknown.
Willis N. Britton School Building
The Willis N. Britton School building located on Hoover Drive. It was built in 1929 on land donated by Mr. Britton. This would eventually become the Hoover Drive Middle School, the Odyssey School and is currently the Discovery Charter School, 1920's. The smaller district schools were required to change their names to reflect their neighborhood or streets when they joined the Greece Central district.
Hoover Drive School Celebrating Arbor Day
1953 Arbor Day at the Hoover Drive School.
Greece Athena Musical Honors Celebration
The Greece Athena Musicians Honors celebration 1984.
Construction of Greece Olympia
Construction of Greece Olympia located on Maiden Lane, 1950's. Construction was completed in 1959.
Craig Hill School
Craig Hill School located on Craig Hill Drive, 1950's.
District #9 Cobblestone Schoolhouse
The old cobblestone schoolhouse, District #9. Also used as Greece Methodist Church in 1841. Located on Long Pond and Maiden Lane.
Greece High School Computer Science Lab
The computer science lab of one of the Greece High Schools, 1984. Computer aided instruction began to take hold in the early 1980's and was nearly ubiquitous in every school district by 1989.
Greece District School #12 – 1st Grade Class
First Grade class of Miss Heald, Greece District School #12. Gretchen Howe is third from the right, 1948.