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David W. Bermant Technilogical Art Exhibit at Long Ridge Mall
One of the more than twenty permanent art pieces placed at Long Ridge Mall as part of the technical art collection put together by David W. Bermant. The pieces focused on movement and the use of modern, technological materials such as metals, lasers and video components. Other pieces included the "Electric Ball Circus" and the "Wind Lighthouse," 1978.
The Greece Shoreliner Cadets Drum & Bugle Corp
The Greece Shoreliner Cadets performing at Ontario State Park. They were an award winning mini drum and bugle corp that existed from the early 1970's until the early 1980's. The corp consisted of children 7-14 years old. They performed regularly at the annual Barnard Exempt, regional competitions, fund raising and sporting events.
Greece Athena Musical Honors Celebration
The Greece Athena Musicians Honors celebration 1984.
Hoover Drive School Band
The Hoover Drive School band, 1959.
Greece Olympia High School Theater Rehearsal
Students of Greece Olympia High School rehearsing for their presentation of "Fame," 1995. Brittani Basset is pictured in the center. As a sixth grader, Ms. Basset won first place as a soloist in the 1990 National Showstopper Talent Competition for her performance of a jazz routine titled "The Way That You Love Me."
Greece Olympia Puppeteers
Puppeteers from Greece Olympia, 1980's.
Greece Arcadia Cast of “Mame”
The cast of "Mame" presented by Greece Arcadia, 1988. Pictured-Front Row (L-R) Kim Sine, Todd Cottom, Frank Polvino. Rear (L-R) Dean Acito, Mike Chen, Lauren Costantini, Dave Gaiti and Grett Meagher.
American Legion Marching Band
American Legion marching band, 1962.
54th Rochester Band at Grand View Beach Field Day
The 54th Rochester Band gathered at the Grand View Beach Field Day, 1912.
Odenbach Band at Company Picnic
Odenbach band playing at company picnic, 1944.
Odenbach Shipbuilding Corp. Band
The Odenbach Band pictured in their new uniforms, 1944.
The Odenach Band at New York Central Station
The Odenbach Band at New York Central Station, 1944.
Mary Lou Zobel in Performance
Mary Lou Zobel singing, 1988.
Promotional Card for Summer Concert Series Celebration
Promotional card for "Summer Concert Series" summer celebration, 2004.
2017 Glimpses of Greece Honorable Mention – “Mary Poppins”
2017 Glimpses of Greece Honorable Mention - "Mary Poppins" (performed by Greece Athena Middle School), by Ali Cacia.